At Dr Bhabha Aesthetics we tailor treatments to your specific needs. One of our methods of assessment is the Quad Scan Body analysis. This is a quick and safe full body composition analysis using a specialized device. The Quad Scan has the following benefits:
• Non-invasive assessment of hydration and nutrition status
• Assesses nutritional status
• Monitor Lean Body Mass, rather than Total Body Weight to determine the your response to nutritional supplements
• Determines if weight gain is due to increase in Lean Body Mass or fluid retention
• Able to monitor hydration status
• Far more informative than Body Mass Index

How does it work?
The device sends a small signal through the body at a certain frequency, the resistance to the flow of this signal is measured, and through known and understood resistant qualities of the different tissues in the body, the amount of that tissue can be calculated. For example, fat has a high resistance to the flow of this signal, and lean muscle mass has a low resistance, since it consists of electrolytes and fluids. It is quick, painless and highly accurate.

Does everyone have to have one?
The Quad Scan Analysis is not obligatory and may not be necessary for every patient. At your initial consultation, your doctor will recommend it as appropriate to your individual care needs.

Right Hand QuadScan